Advice for #DaBlock Morning Show x concerns x complaints…let us know!

So let me start by saying, I appreciate everyone one that listens to #DaBlock Morning show on @103JamzRadio  I never thought I would end up doing radio much less doing the morning show on a legendary, heritage terrestrial radio station.

After a meeting today, I’m concerned.  Will not get into the political aspect but I would like the show to become 100% better.  I’m looking for some suggestions.  Let’s just say the music part of the show is perfect.  Where could @AnguzBlack and I improve??? Please leave suggestions (click comments at the top of  this post) or on my FB page.

I’m just a little bit short at being a professor in things hip-Hop related.  I will admit playing the game on commercial and swag/trap/pop/strip hop I’m a very bad student.  So if the show actually makes a year…celebrate with us!

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