#DaBlock This is the sh*t I don’t like…this really happened to me this am!

Salute, I’m a very private person normally and when things effect me in the street unless it’s Hip-Hop culture related I usually grin and bare it! So Anguz and I broadcasted the morning show this morning from Ihop in the city of Suffolk. Salute to everyone that came through, the staff was dope and the food was great! Shouts to Rob from DTLR, Sweat Pea Whittaker, cats from The Chop Shop our winner of the abbreviation game KISS Veronica who won with broken ribs!

So what got me heated was about 4 rappers called the actual Ihop on the phone asking for me.  Are rappers really that lazy now that they can’t come introduce themselves to get me to hear their music? That is fuckin’ lazy as hell.

Everyone knows I hate 103% of the music 103 plays in rotation.  Don’t come to me with something that sounds like you’re trying to be on the radio.  Songs die quick if you copy the current format.  Be an artist, individual…what happens if that style you copy dies out and you do happen to slip through the cracks and get a Chief Keef hit…ok what is your next song gonna be like.  No one can be better at being yourself than you!

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  1. DJ Mack says:

    They should be called out as Suckers, supposed you wanted them to come to the station to do a freestyle, they punk asses wouldn’t show up. Eff em.

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