I got a voice…but not really! Or do I?

I got a voice…but not really! Or do I?

So being on commercial radio (Clear Channel) and being the creator of Fresh Radio and being involved in the community but not that well know…I have to watch what I say and how I react normally.  It can be taken the wrong way even if I mean well.

My father was a black panther and is in the Nation now and my pops raised me to think on my own.  As well as help uplift our community.

The problem is, if I speak on certain things…it could chain react.  I work for Clear Channel Media and if I talk about my political beliefs on the air…who knows what will happen…Romney is co-founder of Bain Capital which are one of the primary owners of Clear Channel.  Say the wrong thing…I have my kids to feed.

There was a boycott to a particular club…and by the way things are it’s been lifted because people will get some free chicken? Along with some other changes that are needed of course but I got offended.  Say something…why I wouldn’t I but how about they’re one of the largest local accounts at my job!


So I was given great advice…pick and choose my battles…believe me when it gets out of hand…I will always speak out and I will always be able to feed my kids!

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