The Most Annoying Sounds…


Are you sensitive to certain sounds? If you think about, say, nails on a chalkboard, do you cringe? Well, new scientific research has narrowed down the field of irritating sounds, and according to a recent study, has determined the 10 most annoying. Check ’em out …
1.    Electric Drill
2.    Baby Crying
3.    Squealing Brakes
4.    Angle Grinder
5.    Female Scream
6.    Nails on a Chalkboard
7.    Ruler on a Bottle
8.    Squeaky Chalk on a Blackboard
9.    Fork on a Glass
10.    Knife on a Bottle (TheFrisky)
Just Asking … What sound always makes you cringe? Are you overly sensitive to sounds? Is there a fairly common sound that drives you crazy?

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