The Legal Mixtape Black

The Legal Mixtape Black


  1. Pink says:

    I’m looking to get some older cds that I have purchased maybe 3 years ago from u are they anywhere in the crates????

  2. DJ Bee says:

    Which ones????

  3. DJ ART says:

    Yo Bee can you shoot me that mix freom like May4th or May9th 2011 I had it saved then lost it if you still got it please email me link

  4. PhattyMama says:

    I’m looking to download Da Mixtape from Aug and Sept but they are no longer on the site. Is there anyway I can get them now.

  5. DJ Bee says:

    I’ll have to upload them somewhere else, I didn’t have enough room to keep them.

  6. PhattyMama says:

    Thanks that is great!! Please let me know where! Hulkshare? .

  7. DJ Bee says:

    Most likely I’ll start working on that tonight!

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