Video: Dilla Donuts…the VIDEO! 44 Min..this shit is on!

Video: Rico Love “Somebody Else”

Video: Everyday is King Day

RIP DJ Big Dose from the 3rd Coast!

I met Big Dose in the late 90’s at a few DJ conventions.  DJ Heartattack brought him to Norfolk I believe in 2000 to the original 92.1 The Beat! 1st thing that stood out…Dose had a black Astro van with his name on it.  The next thing, he had a website in 2000. ..he had a fucking website.  Then I heard him mix…the transitions flawless (#noYonce), music knowledge DEEP! When I left for Baltimore, he took over my show and when I came back, he was open for my return! I remember him handing me a CD of some Baltimore tracks he produced and I didn’t know he was into production, I believe I still have the cd.  I have the tracks in my harddrive.  During a conversation we had, he told me he was venturing into the Deep House world! When he left Kiss we had little contact until social networking! He went out to Roanoke and came to VA last summer and I invited him to our #meetmeformojitos event at the Cove in Newport News where we were broadcasting my wife’s #AMRadio and he came through, chilled and we caught up as I was spinning! Matter of fact, I believe I recorded that episode, gonna look for it! Fresh In Peace good friend! imagephoto cred: KEJA Reel


Tomorrow…I start on 92.1 The Beat…Throwback Hip-Hop and R&B

Soft launch, I’ll start mixing in February.  M-F 10a-3p ET #theBeeShowimage