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Fabolous The Soul Tape 2 Download


Video: Nardwuar interviews Wiz


Again…every interview I will post from Nardwuar who I consider the best interviewer ever.  Who knew that John Coltrain was Flyin’ Lotus grandfather?

#DaBlock Frank Ocean Opens Up (ummmm) about coming out!


Frank Ocean says people are wrong if they think he came out of the closet to promote his album. He tells GQ, “Some people said, ‘He’s saying he fell in love with a guy for hype.’ As if that’s the best hype you can get in hip-hop or black music. In black music, we’ve got so many leaps and bounds to make with acceptance and tolerance in regard to that issue. It reflects something just ingrained, you know.”

When asked whether he considers himself “bi-sexual,” Ocean responds, “You can move to the next question. I’ll respectfully say that life is dynamic and comes along with dynamic experiences, and the same sentiment that I have towards genres of music, I have towards a lot of labels and boxes… I’m in this business to be creative.”

Ocean says the media and his fans should be content with what he’s shared with them so far and not try to label him one way or the other. “As a writer, as a creator, I’m giving you my experiences. But just take what I give you. You ain’t got to pry beyond that. I’m giving you what I feel like you can feel… You can’t feel a box. You can’t feel a label. Don’t get caught up in that [fear]. There’s so much something in life.”

2 News co-anchors in Maine TV Station quit on the air lol!!!


Two news co-anchors for a Maine television station shocked viewers and colleagues by quitting on the air, later citing frustration with their management.
Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio announced their resignations at the end of Tuesday’s 6 p.m. newscast on WVII.
The two didn’t give specific reasons on the air for their sudden departure. Consiglio said that while they enjoyed reporting the news, “some recent developments have come to our attention, though, and departing together is the best alternative we can take.”
Michaels said she and Consiglio were “are very sorry for having to say goodbye for now, but we’ll still be around.” She plans to pursue a writing career and paint, and Consiglio said he would continue his career “in a different capacity.”
Their boss said Wednesday they had been on their way out the door anyway. He said he was not surprised by the action they took.
“Sometimes people leave before they’re officially told to leave,” said Mike Palmer, station vice president and general manager. He declined to discuss issues that may have caused disagreements but said, “There are things that they know.”
The Associated Press left messages with Michaels and Consiglio. Both told the Bangor Daily News after their last newscast that they were frustrated with management and cited a dispute over journalistic practices.
Asked about reaction from viewers in the small market served by WVII, an ABC affiliate, Palmer said, “I have not heard from a single viewer.”
But he said he had received about 20 applications for their jobs after posting them Tuesday night on an industry website.
“I’ve had people from all over the country send resumes and audition reels,” Palmer said.
WVII and another station Palmer manages, Fox affiliate WFVX, have made headlines before. In 2006, The New York Times reported that Palmer prohibited his staff from doing stories on global warming.
Consiglio, 28, started with WVII as a sports reporter in April 2006. Michaels, 46, was the news director and spent six years at the station.

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