Video: Interview with me by @bklyntye and @mrsjgreen trailer


Full length dropping on Friday! How I started…the creation of Fresh Radio…the differences in DJs & Turntablist.


Happy Birthday to Nile Rodgers…Video Bio if you don’t know!


Check out Legends At Noon today on Fresh Radio as we salute Nile Rodgers!!!!

Nile Rodgers’ BioClip™ from Nile Rodgers Productions on Vimeo.

#DaBlock Anniversary Party!!!!!!!! 10.06.2012 Roger Brown’s $1.03 tickets early


Yes…look to the we got $1.03 tickets early!——————–>


Video: Guy on the Train again singing #Thriller


Remember the guy on the train singing N*ggaz In Paris….well he’s at it again…it’s clearly ran it’s course but hey it’s still funny!

The Real KimYe…..lmao!!! Video: Wiz whipped!


Yo…..this right here lol!!!!