Video: Guy on the Train again singing #Thriller


Remember the guy on the train singing N*ggaz In Paris….well he’s at it again…it’s clearly ran it’s course but hey it’s still funny!

The Real KimYe…..lmao!!! Video: Wiz whipped!


Yo…..this right here lol!!!!

#DaBlock SMH politically …Mitt Romney on Obama Voters #FUF

#FUF is “Fuck You Frank” is from a skit on the DAve Chappelle Show (don’t you miss that ?) In the skit Frank was his boss…bottom line he said Fuck You Frank, pushed him out of his chair and stepped over him. Pretty disrespectful! Well Romney is my Frank!

#FreshRadio 9p est tonight The 5th Element Of Hip-Hop “Busta’s greatest verses”


Tune into Fresh Radio as I rock Bussa Buss’ best verses since my kids only think he says “Everytime I blhf;jslfjl;jsfldijfndfhdhfd….let’s go” or Tune In App on your smart phone! I remember on Arsenio Hall when they did Scenerio…outside the mean East Coast Stomps…everyone was talking about Busta and his hat the next day on the train and at work!

Video: DJ Spinna breaks down Dilla’s Thelonius