#Fedup Too many mixtapes…no mixing…I’m coming back to the mixtape game!


The milk is very sour now.  Artist not even making albums, just what they called mixtapes.  DJ’s making what suppose to be mixtapes but just putting exclusive songs and normally no substance or actual DJ’n on them.  Been a problem for years! So if you’re a fan of mixtapes with actual mixing…I’m jumping back in to the game…mixtapes with classics that reflect Fresh Radio, new rachet shit that reflect #DaBlock …Workout Plan mixes and all that! I got sick of commercial radio, started Fresh Radio.  Instead of constantly complaining about, I did something…same for this mixtape shit! I know everybody can listen to whatever song you want at anytime with the technology that’s out now! My job is presenting it in an artistic fashion…mixing, cutting and the artform of turntablism! Stay tuned!


#DaBlock Video: Ayo @IamDJLP and @DominiqueDaDiva …Tex James #SmartGirl


Video: Swizz Beatz f. Chris Brown and Ludacris…my new shit for the clubs!


This jawn will pop in the club!


Weed is Legal in Colorado and Washington State…#DaBlock


Recreational smoking of marijuana is now perfectly legal in Colorado and Washington.

Both states voted for a ballot measure making dope no different than alcohol. This is not medical marijuana, nor “decriminalization”. Colorado and Washington will have an entire “growth” industry powered by weed: Farming, shipping, and marketing dope to the masses. It is predicted to be especially popular in college towns.

However, the federal government won’t allow this to move forward too far. Marijuana advocates will want to proceed with caution. The nation’s law makes marijuana illegal. It’s only a matter of time before the Feds and the Attorney General push back against the state’s wishes to freely smoke a bowl.
Recreational smoking of marijuana is now perfectly legal in Colorado and Washington.

#FreshRadio x #FreshFriday this friday $5 all night with @DJCanrock

We goin in for another installment of great music! I sense some 80’s rock too!!!! Every Fresh Friday is different…also Fresh Radio DJs, look for an email from me today!