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Just had a convo about this the other day, now it’s a doc about it! Fresh 2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant – [Kick In The Door] from Edward Osei-Gyimah on Vimeo.

This is creative, genius, groundbreaking, and HIP-HOP!!!

Straight raw footage from the iPhone setting the tables up and warming them up in the am before the mix! We got the new “I AM Fresh Radio” shirts in, not on #FreshBuy yet but order yours now pick…Read more

Click the mixes link to download today’s #damixtape from #dablock…Catch me LIVE at 5p EST on #FreshRadio ( as I mix Illmatic, the samples and remixes! #DaMixtape (Illmatic in 18minutes on commercial radio!) by Dj Bee on Mixcloud

So CC+ME and Casey VW/Subaru & Used cars had this contest to give away a 2013 Volkswagon Jetta contest. Our whole Norfolk Cluster was on site! I got Jay our webmaster to do a Harlem Shake video because I was…Read more